Roshni kay paaon mai ye bairrian kyun ayeen?!”

Pink is unique and is a great example of unconventional Bollywood; it’s huge success. pink-2

A movie conceived to find out the answers to the very predetermined set of beliefs which are normally, traditionally and culturally perceived as the hallmarks of a patriarchal society. The concept reaches out to the very core of the existence of women and tries to establish that they are not an object, commodity or as a matter of fact not weaker gender at all. Hence they have the right of keeping and expressing their will and consent and live the way they like and decide for themselves. 


The movie is replete with intense sequences that melts the heart on many occasions and lets lose the tears trickle down. Hard hitting questions and thought provoking messages set a stage for the viewer where one gets a chance to conscientiously connect to the dark plot which symbolizes the male chauvinist social conscious. The story however somewhere in the middle seems to lose the grip a little but the exceptional performances by all the lead characters in particular have well kept the tempo at a thorough pace. Every single word uttered and every single move made has instilled energy and life throughout which makes the movie a well crafted one. 


Amitabh Bachchan  has performed the role of a lawyer who had quit the legal practice owing to his declining health but circumstances goad him to take up the case of the three girls who are in a vicious trap. Bachchan yet another time proves why he remains aloft in ranks than any other male artists when it comes to versatility. He dispels all the notions currently prevalent in Bollywood for the success of a film. The only fact he matures by this performance is that his presence is good enough for a film to earn the best critique.