If you want to watch a movie which not only gives you on the edge of seat thrill but also sends out a very strong thought provoking message at the same time then “The Shallows” is the one you will fall in love with. The Shallows doesn’t contain a superfluous stream of unnecessary dialogue and hard hitting one-liners but conveys a message of mustering courage and utilizing instinctive resilience in adversity through well calculated and manipulated action.

The Shallows is cinematographic bouquet of stupendously overflowing beauty of white sand beach setting on a clear and bright sunny day, demarcated on the rear side by thick lush green jungle and of course with its front wrapped by vast and greenish tint sea. Stunning film photography uses various imageries and scenic settings which prove to be more than just tempting for the viewer. The thrill action scenes performed by charming Blake Lively (Nancy Adams) above the sea surface in form of sea surfing sequences stacked with rock and roll musical insertion are a beauty in themselves. The curiosity of the viewer is kept intact throughout the movie with schematically directed underwater sequences of conflict of Nancy Adams with a ferocious shark.


The film points out the adverse effects of oil spills to the natural oceanic habitats. Owing to these spills various sea species happen to be on the brink of extinction henceforth forcing predator sharks which are often believed to be deep sea creatures tend to shift towards the shallow waters in search of food. These predators eventually prove to be a danger for the re-creationists and tourists at the beaches.


Nancy Adams a medical student arrives at a beach in Mexico to rejuvenate and recollect the memories of her deceased mother. Nancy was to be joined by a friend at the beach but she doesn’t arrive and Nancy has to roll over the sea surface all alone. During the recourse to enlighten her mother’s memories in the shallow waters; Nancy is attacked by a gigantic and violent shark. There from the charms of the trip turn into a living nightmare for Nancy as she is left stranded alone on a pygmy rock in the shallows some two hundred yards away from the beach while the shark keeps hovering around that rock.


Nancy is weak; she has no one around to rescue her. She tricks and fights not only the shark but also the rising currents of the high tide. The real fight of the beauty and the beast takes the breath away. The victory at the end is pleasingly surprising. It’s neither Nancy nor the shark that wins but it’s the fighting spirit and appropriate use of brains that wins. The spirit of not giving up wins, the spirit of helping others despite one’s own helplessness wins, it’s “The Shallows” that wins!